SGI Interfaith Activities

In his 2005 Peace Proposal, Ikeda suggests “Humanism” as the uniting ground in interfaith dialogue:

Humanism explored:

I have met and shared thoughts with people of many different philosophical, cultural and religious backgrounds, including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Confucianism.

My consistent belief, reinforced through this experience, is that the basis for the kind of dialogue required in the twenty-first century must be humanism:

one that sees good in that which unites and brings us together,

evil in that which divides and sunders us.

As I review my own efforts to foster dialogue in this way, I gain a renewed sense of the urgent need to redirect the energies of dogmatism and fanaticism--the cause of so much deadly conflict--toward a more humanistic outlook.

In a world rent by terrorism and retaliatory strikes, by conflicts premised on ethnic and religious differences, such an attempt may appear to some a hopeless quest. But even so I believe that we must continue to make efforts toward this goal”.


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